How to Un-Root any Android device (Easy & Safe Method).


Some android users know Rooting process & also enjoy root privileges but somethings like OTA updates, stability issue & any other risk make them to UnRoot. So here we’ll discuss some of the easiest and safest methods to unroot any Android device easily. You can use any one approach to unroot your Android device.

1. Using the Root App

From your root handling app like Supersu, Kinguser, Magisk etc. Each App comes with an inbuilt unroot function which is possibly the best, easiest & the safest method to unroot your Android device. Normally it is shown in settings of that app as Full Unroot.

Super Su Unroot

2. Using Kingo Root

Kingo Root App can work, as it claims to root almost every Android device. Along with Rooting, it also has unrooting feature which is simple & risk free. To remove root,

  1. Enable USB Debugging mode in your phone. (Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging Mode)
  2. Connect your phone to your PC.
  3. Launch the Kingo Root App & wait for the App to detect your device.
  4. It will automatically detect that your device is rooted. It will show an option, “Remove Root.???
  5. Click on that option & wait for 2-3 mins.
  6. Done, you have successfully unrooted your device.
kingo root remove root

3. Through File manager

While rooting your Android device, the software places a small file known as SU Binary which is the root file. All the permissions are granted via this bin file. To unroot your device, you can simply delete this file. Although this has quite less success rate like around 85%. To Unroot your device follow this steps :

Step 1. Download any Root file manager.

Step 2. Grant Root permissions to the App. This mode allows to edit system files.

Step 3. Goto Device (From the Top menu) Goto System >bin folder, you’ll find a file named as ‘su???. Delete it, Unrooted.

4. Flashing Stock / OTA Update

You can remove your Android phone’s root by manually flashing your phone’s OTA update or Stock ROM. As its bit difficult, you should use this method only if you were not able to root your device through any of the above methods.

If you have any problem in any of the above methods you can comment down your problem.

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