Fixes For Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped


“Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped??? this message is common problem for android users. So, we have 6 Fixes for this issue (you have to find best one for you).

But first of all you need to know that Google Play Service is a Must Service for google apps, because it provides support to google apps like synchronization, GPS location detection & improvements for gaming apps.

Okay, It means crashing or stopping Google Play Service can make your Google apps crazy.

Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped

#1 Fix ??? Download the latest version of Google Play Services.

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Install the latest version of the app. This can solve the issue. You might be facing this issue as you have an outdated or old version of the Google Play services installed on your phone which is not compatible with the latest version of the Android operating system. You can easily install the latest version of this app directly from the Google Play Store or from APKMirror. Don’t download the beta version of the app.

#2 Fix ??? Try Disabling Google Play services.

This is only a temporary solution. You cannot remove the Google play services completely from your phone but you can disable it to stop the error message. To disable the Google Play services app, follow the steps below.
Go to the Setting-Security-Device administrators. The Device Manager will be enabled by default, so uncheck the box for Play Services.

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#3 Fix ??? Check your Internet connection.

Sometimes your WiFi network is blocking any of the IP addresses that Google use and stopping the google play services to act normally. To solve the error one of the most common solution is to check your internet connection or try to connect to a different network.

#4 Fix ??? Clear the Google Play Services cache.

Sometimes the cache files can be the reason for this error.  You can clean the cache that the service automatically fetches and see if the issue is solved. Follow these steps: Go to Settings – Apps – Google Play Service – Press ‘Clear Cache’ Button & then reboot your device.

#5 Fix ??? Reboot your Android device

Best solution for every problem in smartphones today, try restarting your device. Don’t know how to reboot a smartphone? Follow these steps :

  • Press & Hold Power Button until it shows power menu.
  • Tap on Reboot Button.
  • Done, now check if play service error still exist or gone.

#6 Fix ??? Wipe device cache From Recovery Mode

You can try to wipe cache from recovery mode to resolve this issue. Follow these steps to Wipe Device Cache :

  • Turn Off Your Device
  • Then Press Power Button With Volume+ Button, until device enters Recovery Mode.
  • Navigate to Wipe Device Cache from volume keys.
  • Done, now restart your device.

Your Google Play Service Error also fixed now. Thank You.

If you have any problems with these methods please let me know in comment section below.

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