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Smart Manager

As you grow your business, you’ll get sucked into day to day chaos.Tasks like adding, updating and managing products, variations and inventory can be tiresome and extremely time consuming. And if you have more than a handful products, you may need to hire an assistant just to keep your WooCommerce store up to date.

Then there are those times when someone makes a mistakeand correcting each item drains your motivation and direction.

Didn’t you wish there was an easier way to set up sale prices and schedules across a bunch of products?

And a faster way to look at all your orders, customers or coupons?

And a better way to bulk update names, prices, categories???

As a matter of fact, wouldn’t you like a better way to manage WooCommerce and WordPress?

That’s what Smart Manager will help you achieve.

Bulk update many items at once

Select as many items you want and change any of their properties at once.

This is tremendous power and flexibility, nothing comes closer to Smart Manager here.

And BTW, you can even update all items in the store at once!

Update any number of fields

Change as many attributes / fields as you wish in a single Batch Update operation.

You can achieve complex, unlimited & cascading updates in no time with simple point and click.

For example: Reduce price by 25%, append ** special ** to product names and increase inventory by 500 units ??? all updates to all selected items in one go.

Avoid human errors and miscalculations

Smart Manager takes care of boring (and erroneous) calculations in prices and stocks.

It can append or prepend text and can change product groups.

You only have to set your choices and Smart Manager will take care of all calculations in the background. We call it “smart??? for a reason!

Get what you’re looking for at a blazing speed

You know what product you want to update, but it takes long time to locate anything within WooCommerce..

We’ve built an intuitive and powerful search system for Smart Manager. Find items by any custom parameter ??? or switch to simple, single field search.

And of course, you can sort columns, show or hide columns of your choice, skip showing variations???

Whatever your workflow, Smart Manager lets you quickly reach the item you need!

Here are the most common tasks people like you accomplish using Smart Manager ??? without the bad bits!

  • Bulk update product prices, categories and inventory
  • View and manage variations of a product
  • Look up orders and customers quickly
  • Set ??? and revert ??? sale prices for promotions
  • Export store data to CSV file without any corrupt or missing entries
  • Add custom meta field values
  • Quickly change discount rules for many coupons at once
  • Change product image for all products in a category
  • Set SEO, customer reviews, subscription and other properties
  • Change customer’s email address ??? as well as other details
  • View customer’s lifetime value, last order date and contact details
  • And a lot more???

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