How to Enable Init.d Support on any Android phone.

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Init.d plays an important role in the world of Android development and customization  It allows users to install scripts and mods to be run at boot—everything from battery tweaks to performance tweaks. It essentially opens the door to a world of mods only possible through the Init.d process, which in turn is usually only available on custom kernels.

For those who don’t know how to enable Init.d support on your android device, here’s the easiest method for you to follow. The following instruction will allow any android device running any ROM to enable Init.d support.

How to Enable Init.d Support

Disclaimer: We don’t claim any risks upon applying this method.
You are the one responsible for any possible issues it may cause to your device.


  • Any rooted android device.
  • Terminal Emulator ??? Download then install it to your android device
  • Busybox applets ??? Download then install it to your android device
  • Term-init script ??? Click here to download then put it in the root of your device SD card.


1. Open Terminal Emulator.
2. Type: 


3. Grant Superuser access when asked
4. Type in:

sh /sdcard/

5. The script will execute and just follow the instructions showed.

Now that you have Init.d support enabled, you can now enjoy more tweaks!

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