Easy Serial Numbers for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Serial Numbers

Easy Serial Numbers for WooCommerce allows you to easily manage serial numbers using WooCommerce.


Serial Numbers

Add serial numbers to your products and select which serial numbers you have used on the order page. 

Variable Products

All the features for simple products also apply to variations.

Import Serial Numbers

Import serial numbers from a csv file. 

Generate Serial Numbers

Generate serial numbers using a string like SERIAL##-# to generate random serial numbers like SERIAL20-4 or to generate serial numbers sequentially (i.e. SERIAL00-0, SERIAL00-1, …).

Quick Edit Page

Control prices, stock and serial numbers for all your products on a convenient Quick Edit Page. 


Serial numbers can be assigned to orders automatically (when the order is paid for), manually (on the Edit Product page) or chosen by the customer (on the product page).

Customer Report

See which customers have which serial numbers. Export data as a csv file. 

Product Report

See which orders have which serial numbers. Export data as a csv file.

Stock Report

See product stock and a list of each product’s serial numbers. Export data as a csv file. 


Rename “Serial Numbers??? to e.g. “Ticket Numbers??? to use this plugin to create ticket numbers, license numbers, etc.

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