Make Chrome Extension within 1 minute


Make a Chrome Extension / App in less that 1 minute with our powerful Tool:

Make Chrome Extension:
Ever wanted to make your own Google Chrome Extension / App, but didn’t know how to do ? And the best???………you can make an UNLIMITED number of Chrome Extension / App

With Chrome Extension tool, you will generate a Chrome Web App packed in .zip archive. So this App will link to your website

Why create a Google Chrome Extension / App ?

  • Reach more customers (more than 120 million Google Chrome users)
  • Earn revenue (selling your Apps to Chrome users)
  • Get discovered more easily (more people flock to the Chrome store to find applications. They can find YOUR site)
  • Get your brand out to the world

*Requirement : PHP. No API or database needed / the script include a comprehensive guide.

Take A Look Of This Tool At Envato Market :- Chrome Ext. Creator For 11$.

Download This Script/Tool For Free

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